Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching As Powerful Team Leadership

OCTOBER 24 - 26, 2018 in Kansas City 

Coaching is one of the most powerful forms of leadership, especially in an organization looking to embrace an agile mindset. 

With your new agile team coaching skills you will: 

  • Understand the beliefs and assumptions underneath the coaching mindset.
  • Listen fully and ask essential, powerful questions that propel people into action. 
  • Uncover and effectively work with team conflict, resistance and dysfunction. 
  • Coach and mentor people through the change required to occupy Agile roles fully. 
  • Coach the journey to team high performance. 
  • Give and receive feedback in a way that grows yourself and others. 
  • Nurture and mentor staff to mastery of their skill or craft.

…and your Team will: 

  • Build confidence in their own capabilities.
  • Be more engaged and productive in the changes happening at the individual and team level.
  • Feel supported and empowered.
  • Experience fulfillment and satisfaction in solving their own challenges and being more self-organizing. 

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It's designed to give you options for investing in your own professional growth and leadership development!

JOURNEY Coaching the journey to high performance and understanding team development that inspires commitment, which produces repeatable and sustainable results.

RELATIONSHIPS Agile Coaching provides leaders and agile coaches with the necessary mindset, skills and capabilities to effectively coach others toward higher performance.  

RESULTS This workshop will help you navigate the complexities of collaboration, and even lessen the use of authority to get work done.  

This is a highly experiential program. Through the 3-day journey, you will practice and learn how to:

  • Distinguish between coaching and mentoring conversations
  • Guide others to make intentional and empowered choices 
  • Create shared commitment 
  • Mentor others toward a specific expertise 
  • Explore the unique characteristics of an Agile team 
  • Work with the team as a holistic integrated system 
  • Uncover team conflict, resistance and dysfunction and then effectively resolve it

Meet The Workshop Leaders

We are experienced leaders, practitioners and life-long learners dedicated to helping others become the leaders they would want to work for. 

We help you to create self-sustaining, motivated agile teams that achieve results.

Marsha Acker, CPCC, PCC

Marsha coaches leaders and teams, who want to work in an more agile manner and lead change in their organization. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF). Her coach training is from Coaches Training Institute, Center for Right Relationships and Dialogix. 

The biggest opportunity for today’s leaders is…to create engaging and collaborative environments that access the collective intelligence of their teams and also accomplish the desired results. I often find leaders who are really good at one or the other but struggle with creating both. Those that can cultivate range in their leadership have a real opportunity to achieve even greater performance.  

Kay Harper

Kay coaches leaders and teams that are looking to grow and reach higher levels of success in this challenging time of exponential change. Kay’s passion is being a catalyst for organizations as they navigate this transformation, speeding up the rate in which individuals and teams become more engaged and produce better results. Her lifelong experience as a leader, coach, consultant and practitioner gives Kay a keen understanding of what’s needed to help businesses thrive in the increasingly unpredictable market.  

Her twenty-plus years of working in various industries, enable her to assist leaders and teams through change to see tangible results. Her clients will tell you that she has a unique skillset bringing alignment to both the people side of organizations (culture, leadership, teamwork, motivation) and the business side of organizations (strategy, process improvement, implementing delivery frameworks). 


"Literally every skill, model, theory and lesson is applicable to my day to day relationships and interactions."

- Lesley O.


"I was overwhelmingly surprised by what I learned in this wokshop. Anyone in any leadership position would benefit from this. I have alot of insights from this work and I can now see some of the patterns in my work with teams."

- Nick J.


"This workshop gave me a language for being able to see and describe challenging conversations and team dynamics that I've experienced in the past and how I can change them moving forward. Great experience! "

- Nancy

Your Course Materials

Full color spiral bound participant guide and toolkit

200 Card Deck of Powerful Questions

Ongoing access to the TeamCatapult Resource Hub

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